About Us

«Our dresses are a story about love»

19.04 WORLD is new young fashion label by Vera and Love Mikheenko. Launching their debut collection in London in 2018, the sisters draw inspiration from unique and unusual styling of both real and fictional icons. The name of the brand 19.04 WORLD was formed from the dates of the birthday of the twins-founders. In addition, the numbers as is known are a universal language.

Vera and Love have a motto: «Fashion is a game in which there are no rules.» Girls are convinced that fashion can’t be framed in the form of trends or commerce. Fashion for them is a game. Dynamic, diverse and, of course, fun. In today's fashionable realities without humor, nowhere.

19.04 WORLD is a mood of celebration and fine quality fabrics and production. Is a young, girlish femininity brand. The corporate style of the brand is not in silhouettes or colors, but in the lifestyle, which can be described as «Oh so sweet, so cute!». And compare the collection with candy in a beautiful stylish package. It wants to be quickly developed and tried, because it should be perfect for the taste! Girls pay great attention to the quality of fabrics (from Italy, France and UK), modern methods of processing, production technologies, personal print and decorative work.